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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Cooking School

I've been wanting to go to cooking school for a long time now, but issues of Shabbos and kashrut and not wanting to spend a long time away from home have made that...difficult. Possible, but difficult.

July 7th, there's going to be a kosher cooking school. Accredited, affiliated with Kingsborough Community College. For six weeks.

To do it, I'd need to quit my job on practically no notice. There's also tuition, but we could manage that.

I expect the job to end sooner than later, given that the business is losing money, but I've been working there for seven years and I do owe them some consideration.

Or. I can take the culinary boot camp for home cooks that they offer at the end of the summer and see if I can do it at all - and if I can, take the real course next summer, or when they offer it again. They may just do six week sessions and repeat.


You're assuming I want to keep this job - if that were the case, I wouldn't be thinking about taking a course to be a professional chef.

It's that I don't have enough time to give proper notice. If I did - if this was for September, for example, or after Yom Tov, I might well just quit.

Ah. I misunderstood. You're right. Less than a week's notice isn't a good plan. Here's hoping they offer the course again later!


Meanwhile, I can take a week off in the end of August and take the boot camp for home cooks.

Which should teach me a lot anyway.