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Yesterday afternoon, we finally saw the new baby in person.

jonbaker left first to go to a book sale in Manhattan. I was supposed to leave by 1:15, but there was sewing up the sweater and catching up on LJ and having a small bite to eat and I didn't leave until 1:20. I thought about getting a cup of coffee for the train ride, but there was a line at the kosher Dunkin Donuts, so I just went to the station.

Waited a while, reading my new China Miéville book, Un Lun Dun, which is a charming book, quite readable by adults but aimed at the 10-13 market, with a *female* protagonist. Actually, *two*. There is a boy, but he's very much a secondary character. Cool, no?

Got on the Q train, where I eventually found a seat, and rode it to 34th St in Manhattan, where I attempted to transfer to the IRT. Unfortunately, that wasn't really possible at that station. Ooops.

So, I went back to where I left the train, waited for another Q train, which arrived about five minutes later, and rode it for one stop to 42nd St. There I could transfer to an IRT.

If I'd run, I could have caught a train already in the station, but it was hot and damp and I decided against it. So I waited for the next, as they announced delays. The next train pulled into the station, slowly enough for me to see in the windows.

Where I saw a familiar looking kippah over a familiar looking ponytail. jonbaker.

He was very confused when he heard me laughing as I got on. But what else could I do? If I'd done what I was supposed to do - left on time, gotten off at 42nd St in the first place, caught that first train - this would not have happened.

So we traveled the rest of the way together, leaving at 72nd St. Except we didn't because the skies chose to open at that moment, with pouring rain and thunder and lightning, and two different men at the entrance to the station arguing over who had jurisdiction to sell cheap umbrellas. (I bought one. It promptly broke and he gave me another.) Eventually, it calmed down and we left. By the time we got to my in-laws, that umbrella? Was not necessary. Except under scaffolding.

BiL and family were there when we got to the apartment. Wynn (first name is still spelled Winifred, but "Win" doesn't look right.)is a tiny bundle of baby right now. She eats, she sleeps, she poops. Just about what a five-day old should be doing. BiL says that she's stopped losing birthweight and should be gaining now. SiL says she's eating enough. :)

Big sister is excited, but that may have been because she'd spent the weekend at her father's, and she's always wound up from that - he doesn't respect bedtimes and shows her inappropriate movies. But also because she is a big sister now.

jonbaker spent the last few days cobbling together a Simchat Bat, a naming ceremony, for Wynn, and he and his brother spent some time fine-tuning things, while Jocelyn and Zoe put a puzzle together (well, Jocelyn did. Zoe was, as mentioned, rather hyper) and I started a pair of baby socks. It's just odd to me that she didn't want any input into the ceremony and that none of the Hebrew names under consideration are from her family. I had more input.

And then there was watching my mother-in-law hold Wynn. Wynn is her first biological grandchild - the older two are the children of a daughter she acquired when she married a widower. She did legally adopt Laurie, and is her mother, but Laurie was also 11 at the time. And Zoe, who calls her "grandma", doesn't even have the legal relationship, since her biological father is very much in the picture. (I'm Aunt Debbie, of course.)

But Wynn carries Mom's genes and she spent a long time holding and singing to her - all the songs she sang to her own babies. Later, I watched Jonathan hold the baby and hum to her. I haven't had the chance, yet.

The naming ceremony will be Wednesday morning at my in-law's apartment, which is large enough but not air conditioned. I'll have to take the morning off work. And then they depart to spend the summer on their farm outside of Ithaca, New York. Which is not set up for guests. Which means the next time we see them, Wynn will be three months old and an entirely different baby.

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