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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Baby Naming - Simchat Bat

jonbaker put together a nice little ceremony, adapting things from the Sphardi tradition and shul namings. We tried to make it as little like a brit as possible (the point of a brit is, besides the minor surgery, to welcome the boy into the covenant. Girls enter the covenant when they are born.)

As I said, her English name is Winifred Celia (Wynn). Instead of trying to figure out a Hebrew equivalent for her first name, they just went with Tzivia, which was the original Celia's Hebrew name. Tzivia bat Melech Baruch v'Nechama Shifra. (We also had a discussion about her big sister Zoe, who was never named, but it turns out her middle name is Alonit, which is Hebrew name enough. Jocelyn comes from a completely non-religious family, none of whom were present, and was basically named at her wedding.)

All of us played some part, even me - I got to read a longish blessing in English over both Wynn and Zoe. We offered a part to a cousin who happens to be a rabbi, but she turned it down. And I got to hold Wynn for a long time - letting her wiggle in my arms. *smile*

Mitchell couldn't figure out what they needed. I made a cardigan for Zoe as a big sister gift, and a pair of baby socks for Wynn. Zoe loved getting a gift just for her. It's not perfect - the buttonholes are a mess - but Jocelyn was impressed. And baby socks are always cute.

And. Well. There's always this thing about baby events - all the women who have had or are having babies stand around and talk about babies. And childbirth - lots about childbirth. And every woman in that room was a mother, except for the one expecting her first child.

And me.

I sort of avoided the living room for a bit - which meant I saw Zoe going into the bedroom and curling up, completely overwhelmed by a house full of near-strangers, a baby sister taking all of her parents' attention and crying a lot, the end of kindergarten and an impending trip to spend all summer at the farm. So I played with her and that seemed to help.

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I'm glad Zoe had you to play with her. And that you had her to play with.

Zoe is a wonderful little girl. I'm glad she's in our lives.

you sound like a wondeful aunt- homemade gifts, bonding with your neices-they're lucky to have you!

I'm the lucky one. :)

I'm glad you and Zoe had each other. Speaking as a big sister, having adults around who were excited to hang with *me* and not the baby was always a big deal. And my relationships with some of those adults were deep, impactful, and long-lasting. Your nieces are lucky girls.

I just wanted her to know that her feelings counted, too.

Too much is happening too fast, you know?

Oh, if she is actually going to be referred to/addressed as Wynn, that makes me even more happy, since that's Welsh-ish (my elder daughter was given the second name Gwynneth after her grandmother, who was sometimes called Gwynn and someteimes called Wynn)

Yes. Parental word is that her callname will be Wynn, and spelled that way. However, they are spelling Winifred properly (thank goodness. Wynnifred? Just. No.)

They do NOT want a Winnie, you see. Or a Fred.