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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Oh. Dear.

So. I wake up and feel pretty well rested and all and I look at my watch and it says "10:10", so, okay. I should be feeling rested. I go to the bathroom, I get on the computer. Not a problem. Sometime later, my husband gets up and starts muttering "sleep, sleep" at me, which makes no sense because it's, you know. After 10AM.

And I read - fascinating thread on [Unknown LJ tag]'s lj - and read and it's all good, you know. And then I decide I'm hungry and I look at the microwave and it says "7:33", and I think at first that the microwave had been stopped in the middle of something very long, and press clear. And it's still 7:33 and I look at my watch *again*.

And it still says 10:10 and, oh, look. The second hand isn't moving...(Note - my startbar hides unless I need it. There's no little clock on the bottom right corner of my screen.

I have no idea how long I've been awake. And I think sleep might be a good idea...

Time Warp!

My personal fail-safe is to mount two battery-powered clocks in the house. They're v. useful during surprise power cuts and when you-know-who loses track of her med schedule.

Re: Time Warp!

We have plenty of clocks. Including the cable clock over both tvs. But I'm old enough to prefer analog, and that I wear on my wrist.

Hmmm...I guess today was an early day for a few of us. :)

Hope you catch up on your sleep!

I did. I very much did. :)

LOL! I think my favorite part is your husband muttering "sleep sleep" at you.

:) He's very cute that way.

WHen I muttered at you, it was 6.35. You said back to me "it's after 10" which made no sense to me, so I thought you said "it's after 7", which is a mistake one can easily make (is the hour hand a bit before or a bit after the 7?), so I didn't push the issue.

Then I get up at 8, and there you are, trying to go back to sleep, saying your watch had stopped.

BTW, you're pretty.