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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

We've been telling my mother-in-law about Project Gutenberg for years. It's an amazing resource, after all, and we've donated money and everything. She likes classic novels, and this might be an incentive for her to get an e-book or a Kindle, which would make reading a lot easier for her. Her vision is bad enough that normal paperback print is difficult for her.

And she's computer literate enough that she could use it.

Yesterday, she emailed jonbaker all about this WONDERFUL website with THOUSANDS of books, all for FREE. And it's NOT a hoax because she knows someone who has used it. And she's passing it on to us.


This is just typical parent behavior, right?

(BTW, when did LJ change the update page to light format?_


Some of that may just be forgetfulness. When learning a new procedure on the computer, my mother will write it down, so she can remember it when I'm not there to tell her.

Every summer, when we go to visit my parents in their summer home, Dad asks, "So, Jon, you want iced coffee?" "No, Dad, I don't like iced coffee, as I've told you every year for the past 20, I'll have iced tea if you have, or else water."

That's just his usual forgetfulness. Which has gotten much worse in the past year since he started having blood clots that go to the brain (he's now on blood thinners, but it has to be carefully monitored).