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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Haircut poll

Last night on Shear Genius, they had women with gloriously long hair. The shortest, I think, was 28", and the longest was 68". I love long hair, although that last is a bit much. It was lovely, though.

I had jonbaker measure my hair. From top of the head to the bottom of the longest strands, it's 26". I was mildly disappointed, since I haven't had it cut in 16 years, and I haven't cut off any ends in 6.

I'm thinking seriously of going to a local beauty salon and getting it trimmed. I'm just terrified of hairdressers - they all seem to hate long hair and I don't want to lose any more length than necessary. I just want it trimmed, not styled - there's no real point in me getting my hair styled and I don't want to fuss with it anyway.

My hair is curly and fine.

ETA: I bought a pair of barber scissors. I'll get my husband to trim off the straggly ends tonight. (Scissors will be useful in general - I can dust the split ends and jonbaker can do beard and moustache trims as necessary without using my crafting scissors.)

Poll #1221020 Hair cutting

Should I trim my hair?

OMG, six years since a trim? Trim it NOW.
26"? Wow. Yeah, trim it.
26"? Not long enough.
No one sees it. Why bother?

If yes, how should I do it?

Hairdresser. They're not scary.
Hairdresser, even if they are scary.
For a trim? Get a sharp pair of scissors and do it yourself.
For a trim? Just have your husband or a friend do it.
Get more than a trim - get it *styled*. Even if no one sees it.
Other, in comments.

Tickies have:

Long hair.
Short hair but want it long.
Short hair and happy with it.
no hair at all.


Do not trust a hairdresser unless they specialize in long hair. They don't know what to do with it, and they *always* cut too much. I haven't been to one since about 1970 -- I have friends trim the ends when they go too straggly.

That's what I'm afraid of. I'd only be comfortable going to places in my neighborhood - and adult women in my neighborhood have short hair to go under their wigs.

if your local hairdressers dont have experience with long hair, then DO NOT GO there......i take back my poll answer.
but i go to hair salons/stylists all the time, and when i say "trim as little as possible to get the split ends off"... i know they will do just that

Even teen-age girls have just shoulder-length hair - the current style around here.

There's also money - why should I spend however much a haircut costs just to get a trim?

in my case i spend the money because i have no one nearby who i can trust with a pair of scissors. if you have a spouse that can do "just a trim" or a friend who can.... then there is no reason to spend money.

i go to the local discount places, which i know most long hair folks do not.. but even though they cater to more short hair (and yes long straight unstyled hair is rare around here) i still find it preferable to wayne standing there with scissors going "but honey, i really dont know what to do....."

I remember hearing that even if you're growing out your hair, you should get it trimmed on a fairly regular basis to get rid of split ends/dead ends and improve overall health.

I've also learned that you get what you pay for with regards to haircuts. I spend a lot of money on getting my hair cut, but every time I went to a place like Super Cuts or wherever I was always disappointed with the outcome.


Yes, so it spends less time breaking off and more time growing out, and less time getting tangled while doing so.

growing hair

1. join the longhair community on live journal
2. not always. i go to the 15 dollar hair cut places, but i am selective with my stylists. and i make it clear i want split ends trimmed. not one fraction of an inch more.
(it is likely different with a "style" so YMMV)
3. a trim will help your hair grow. split ends and hair damage will cause your hair to break... healthy hair will grow better.

Re: growing hair

longhair - been a member for years.

Re: growing hair

ah... oh well. still good advice (grin)

Getting my hair trimmed a couple of times a year definitely helps keep it healthier and more manageable. Unfortunately, even though I know that, I often go too long between trims and then wind up having to cut off several inches to get things back under control. For just a trim, I've had good luck with Super Cuts.

Get your hair trimmed at least twice a year. It'll keep your hair healthier and it will grow longer, faster and stronger. Before you have it cut, sit your hairdresser down and explain in firm and authoritative terms that you want a TRIM. Cut straight across or rounded (you pick) - NO STYLING - No Layers. No Bangs. Just a trim!

If they want your business and a tip they will do as you say. Once you find a hairdresser who does as you say - keep them.

And really - who cares if no one sees your hair? You see it! It should look the way you want it.

Even if it's under a hat or a snood all day, a trim will make for healthier hair and, if you keep it down around the house, a lovelier mane. Especially if it's naturally curly. Depending on how much you take off, the missing weight can feel really good.

As someone who now has short (curly) hair, where cutting off too much or not enough *matters*, I've found the easiest way to deal with hairdressers is just to be very specific about what you want and make it clear that they are not supposed to improvise. Tell them you want X inches off the bottom and then show them where you want it to be (elbow, shoulder, midpoint between, etc.) when they're done. Say you don't want layers (unless you do), that you want it straight across (unless you don't), that you don't want bangs (unless...), etc. Be polite but firm and you should have no trouble.

Go to a hairdresser you trust. Check with friends as to who to go to.

I usually go to Astor Place when I get it cut. But I haven't had a cut since...... 2006 I think. I got bored with short hair and am letting it grow right now. But it does need trim and maybe a shaping. All I do is pull it back right now.

I would just trim off a half inch or whatever you need to do in order to get rid of split ends, since 6 years is a really long time to go without cutting it. It won't set you too far back, and you can continue to grow your hair until it is 68 inches. :) (Note, that 68" hair is 8" longer than I am tall. That's kinda scary.)

Also, I cut my own hair. But I'm just weird like that. I actually had a dream a couple of years back that I went to a hairdresser and she gave me bangs, and I was really upset by this because [the following was true both in the dream and real life] I hadn't had bangs since I grew them out in 6th grade, and it was annoying to grow them out then, but at least hair clips were in style back then, so it was relatively easy to do, but hair clips are no longer in style. The dream ended with me going with my friend levana_b to a store to find scarfy things and hats which which I could hide my hair. It was a pretty traumatizing dream.

that dream would have sent me screaming to a mirror...

long hair, and growing hair

as a member of the "cut an extra inch off my hair and i cry" league.... allow me to talk to you about hair stylists and growing hair.
i cut 16 inches off my hair to get rid of damage and re start my hair growing with a healthier head of hair. i also donated it to Wigs For Kids, although i suspect it wasnt "wig ready" but i digress...
i strongly suggest a "maintenance trim" every 3 to 6 months, depending on your hair... but you MUST have someone you trust to do it right, using top notch hair scissors. bad scissors will just cause more damage. i never ask my hubby because he is not a good person to do hair, but yours may be...

if you go to a stylist, make it clear you are trying to grow out your hair, and want ONLY the damaged sections trimmed.. nothing else.
(because you have gone for a long time, and you have fine hair. you may need a bit more radical trimming this time, in order to start you off without splits and with a good "starter head of hair")

i suggest you join the " long hair " community, and follow the links there to other sites for advice on growing hair.
but basically?
start by getting rid of split ends and damaged hair.
eat a good diet with enough protein, and take a good multivitamin
make sure you are following good brushing and washing habits for your hair.. you may need to change shampoos or conditioners.

oh, and many people suggest measuring from the hair at the front of your head (ie. from the hairline) to the longest hair in back, as your hairline hopefully doesnt change, but where you put the tape on your head is iffy...but thats just a way to measure your own hair growth.

I was back and forth between hairdresser and friend. If you have a friend who can do it straight, that sounds fine. I do think getting it trimmed is always a good idea, but if you don't have a hairdresser you trust it's always hard to know if they'll do it the way you want it. Seems like joining that group would be a good idea--they might know places near you that cut long hair. I saw a girl on the street the other day with hair down to her ankles. It was kind of fascinating and scary, strange to say.

I watched that ep of SG too.:-)

It took me years to find a hairdresser who could handle my hair. I have thick, curly, coarse hair. It comes from the Moorish/german blood in me. My aunt calls it my "Glorious Sephardi Hair".

My last haircut was in January, 1976. My hair is about 36 inches long, and that seems to be its limit. Could be you've reached yours, if you haven't had it cut in so long....
I trim my own hair, to be rid of split ends, etc. Ain't going near any hairdressers - they all seem to think women, esp +50, should whack it all off!

My rpoblem is not having the hairdressers cut my hair too short, but them keeping it too long. I have short hair (except for a small tail at the back) and the last time I went to have it trimmed the woman was all "But you have LOVELY hair... it would look so nice long..." And trimmed rather too little of it off. WTF woman! I'm paying you for this! If I tell you to shave all my hair off and dye my scalp purple, you do it!

Mine's 26" too. I'm mostly too lazy and cheap to see a hairdresser - they charge a heap just to trim a few split ends and it annoys me no end that men don't get charged as much for far more complicated cuts.

Definitely ask someone with longish hair, where do go to get their hair done. Mine is expensive otherwise I would recommend him. He works with long hair. Most so not know what to do with long hair.

There's that "he" thing. :) I'd be very uncomfortable going to a male hairdresser.

Sorry! I do not know any really good female hairdressers. I never really thought about that.
I may run into one soon, but mine has served me well. I go in a week.

Unless I was keeping my hair short and styled (for other people to see) I would never go to a salon. I always trim off my own ends, it's really easy. When you get rid of some of the stragglers and split ends, you'll find that you hair grows even faster.

I'd love to see a pic of what your hair looks like.