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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Hair II

It's done. It took less than a minute, all told. I combed and brushed my hair smooth. jonbaker sat in a chair behind me. I gave him the new barber scissors and he cut three inches - the wispy part - off my hair, straight across. I can still touch the ends when I reach in back. Future trims won't need to be so drastic, and maybe I'll spend some time dusting off ends.

BTW, goal is not 68" (I'm only 62 inches high myself!). I'm thinking more like 36" *tops*.


One of my favorite things when I had long hair was when people asked me how long it was and I answered in *feet*. :D Ah, those were the days...

I can still do that. Sort of. "Nearly two feet." :)

Some people's hair just doesn't grow any longer than a certain length. Fine hair, apparently, is hard to get longer than mid-back.

When I had long hair, it stopped growing at my bra strap and never got longer. That was its max length, period; it was too fragile and by the time it got that long, the ends would start breaking off.

I found that when I started braiding my hair into a single braid that lasts a full day (or more) it grows a good deal longer, and with *many* fewer split ends.

Congrats on going to Husband Haircut Salon! Much more trustworthy than the alternative.

Jeez, does that mean Merav's hair is taller than you?

I don't think so - ladymondegreen is keeping her hair somewhere between her knees and her hips these days. I think it was just past hip-length for Contata, for example. At least, I don't think it was below her knees. But, yes, those times it's been ankle length, it's taller than I am, given that Merav is taller than I am. :)

I don't want it that long. It would be a pain to cover (as opposed to waist-length, which is very easy for me.)

My great-grandmother, I think it was, had hair that was down to her ankles. The part by her head was gray, but when she braided it all and wrapped it around her head, the brown part covered all the gray. Then she got sick, and the doctor insisted that her hair was too much work for her, so she cut it...to her knees. :^) I agree, it would be a pain--I found my hair kind of a pain when it was waist-length.

so she cut it...to her knees. :^)

Grandma rules!

I just trimmed the wispies off of the back of my daughter's hair, and she said "Oh good, now I won't keep sitting on it!" She's 5, and her hair falls just to her waist now. Sooo pretty!