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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Sweeney Todd with The Ladies

Officially, they're our Shabbos Afternoon Women's Parshah Group. We meet in member's houses (usually one month per house) and take it in turns to teach that week's parshah. I call them the Ladies.

Last Shabbos, before I began my lesson (we take it in turns), we talked about doing something *else* together, besides the occasional child's wedding and such. And we decided that last night would be movie night - those who could got together at a house and we watched Sweeney Todd on dvd.

It was surreal. So was the movie. :)

Several points - I'm at least ten years younger than everyone else there. I'm not into horror, but dark humor? Oh, yes. Not that I didn't cover my eyes in more than a few places. One woman, who had the hardest time following the plot anyway, left the room during one or two numbers. Still, I found myself catching people up and, as I have the best hearing and have some experience with British accents, I did some translating as well. We should have used the captions - I missed a fair bit of dialogue myself, mostly from Helena Bonham Carter (who, like Johnny Depp, could never be made ugly.)

And my brain of trivia overflowed.

But we all liked it enough that we're thinking about doing it again - after Tisha B'av and after we do the other thing we decided to do first - going as a group to see South Pacific. Possibly in yellow hats. Or something. Plus, of course, a wedding where we'll dance with the groom's mother.

I'm pushing for Sense and Sensibility. More Alan Rickman and much more pleasant all the way around.


Sweeny Todd at your Parsha group? Holy cats! Who's brilliant idea was that? I hear Caligula is nice, too.

I think "Dogma" would be a fun one. Lots of humor and Alan Rickman plays a pissed off angel - plus, Jay and Silent Bob!

Dogma? I love the movie, but I'd have to spend the entire show explaining the jokes.

I think that you have a bestseller here. Just waiting for you to write, on the lines of the "jane austen book club"

The "Parshah Group Movie Club" would probably be awesome.