Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I did NOT see The Dark Knight (and other stream of consciousness)

I'm batting zero for seeing movies this summer, which is pretty normal for me but this year there were/are so many I want to see!

I was planning to see the Batman movie but. Well. Jewish stuff got in the way.

Yesterday was a minor (sunrise/evening) fast day that heralds the beginning of the time called the Three Weeks. Once again, Judaism has that naming thing *nailed*. To be precise, it's Three Weeks before Tisha B'Av, which means "9th of Av". During the Three Weeks, we do not wear new clothes, and we only buy them if not buying them would be a financial loss, which is why all the clothing stores in Flatbush are having sales right now. We do not get haircuts. We do not have weddings, although we can celebrate engagements and birthdays and such. This works for about twelve days, until the first day of Av, which starts the Nine Days, and then the mourning kicks into high gear, with no meat and no live music and a bunch of other restrictions. Except for Shabbat. And everyone who eats meat make sure to have dinner before it gets dark. Which this year - it's a Thursday. And all mourning is off for Shabbat, so we're eating meat anyway in twenty four hours.

This is why I wore two different outfits on Shabbat - I'd ordered a couple of really pretty skirts, but they were too big in both dimensions, and I had to return them and I didn't get the new ones back until Wednesday night. Both were very much Shabbos skirts and I prefer to wear nice new clothes for the first time on Shabbos - there's a very strong custom for this. However, if I didn't wear them last Saturday, I couldn't wear them, or a blouse I got to go with one of them, until after T'bA. So, I wore the green skirt (gauzy print over a solid lining) with a green shell and a white blouse to shul (where the slate for the new board was announced and OMG, there I was as VP of Programming, running unopposed) and the reversible black skirt with bright tropical flowers on one side and pin dots on the other and it's so pretty and floaty because it's two gauzy layers, plus the new orange blouse over the green shell, to my parshah group.

Wearing the flowered skirt and the orange blouse now because we're going to a nice place for dinner and I wore them all of three hours on Shabbat.

So. I don't fast on minor days, but Jonathan does - at least part of the day - and it just seemed wrong to go to the movies on a day like that. We'll go next week. (Instead, we watched lots of television and Dr. Horrible, and Friday's SGA (excellent!) and "Captain Jack Harkness" from Torchwood, which made me cry. Again, plus Mythbusters (coolest show on TV) and History Detectives (second coolest) and I almost finished my shawl.

I say almost because two things happened. One was that I was partially through the binding off when I realized I did not have enough yarn left to finish. I'm going to have wind a skein of laceweight in order to finish binding off. How frustrating is that? Almost the most frustrating thing ever.

Almost because I dropped some stitched in the ripping out when I realized this, at the very end, and I might have to unknit several VERY LONG ROWS to fix it, although I'm hoping I can just knit the stitches I dropped in the correct pattern. I'm trying that first because the worst that will happen? I'll have to unknit anyway.

It's supposed to be an anniversary present for my mom except - she's going away for her anniversary and she won't be back until the next week, and that's the Nine Days and I'm not sure about giving her something to wear (it's a lace shawl to wear in over-air conditioned restaurants) that she might well wear before TbA. If I ever finish it...

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