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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I had my second session of Pakua today. I was worried - the classes begin with running around the dojo for twelve minutes, punctuated twice - once for pushups, once for sit-ups. And, I managed to hurt my left foot on Monday. I don't know how, but it feels bruised. I can put weight on it, and walk and run, but it *hurts* and I have to remember not to limp. This is important because my right foot has a chronic injury and limping will just make it flare up.

I've been hoping - okay, praying - that it would heal in time for today, but it didn't. So, I prepared to tell my teacher about the injury and we'd deal. Instead, I was late. I didn't mean to be late, or plan to be late. I rented a car for my trip to Boston this morning, so I just drove to the dojo. And found that parking was *impossible*. It was an alternate side day there, which meant half the spots were unavailable - including the meters in front of the dojo. Finally, I found a municipal lot not too far away, but I got there in time to miss the running.

I managed to do everything else, and on the "white belt" level. Which is what I am, even though I don't have a "uniform." This is because the one she gave me didn't fit - too tight across my back. This is a problem I've had my entire life - I'm big in back, and women's shirts just aren't designed for that. I can wear things that stretch, but I don't tend to wear blouses or jackets for that reason. The pants were also a tad tight *and* long. Long I can manage, which is good because I suspect the next size up will also be long. I can hem.

On the up side, turns out I fall really, really well. Falling I can do. :)

Next step - shower, lunch, perscription and some shopping. And packing. And then. Off to Boston.

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