Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Nine Days stuff

So. Meatless menu (for carnivores):

Lasagna (because there's no point not making enough for leftovers)
Veggie Cheeseburgers
Veggie Curry
Pizza (was going to be fish, but Jonathan has a meeting that night, and they order pizza, so.)
Shabbos (chicken for dinner, steak salad for lunch, salmon pasta for dinner, leftovers of that for break-fast on Sunday.)

And we were wondering if knitting was permitted during the Nine Days. So, I looked it up. And the concensus I found was that it's something one shouldn't do, but if one does, one should not begin or end a project.

Friday morning, I thought, FINE. I'm in the middle of a sweater and a pair of socks. Two projects, both half done. Not a problem - I can certainly define "done" as sewn up and ends woven in, right? And then I looked at the projects. I was already a third done with the front of the sleeveless sweater - bulky yarn works fast - and while I'd barely started the second sock, the fact is, I began the first one last Sunday and I always do second socks much faster than first ones. I'd be finished (even without sewing and weaving in) by Wednesday. And, really, not beginning or ending felt specious to me.

Besides, my thumbs need a rest. My hands do not like bulky yarn.

Which means they're both in an odd state - I just finished the cast-on and first increases for the sock, and I had to rip a couple rows of the sweater, so I have dropped stitches to take care of. And I'll do none of it until next Monday.

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