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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
So, um.

I spent last night stuffing envelopes. Those envelopes contained ballots for the synagogue board election. One of the names on that ballot, running unopposed for VP of Programming?




Ummmm...you did know, didn't you? It wasn't just, "Oh, look at the ballot...here's my name", was it?

Kinda reminds me how I found out I was Credentials Chair of the state Democratic Party. I was just a member of the committee minding my own business, and the next thing I know the State Chair has announced that I'm replacing the person who has just resigned as committee chair. I remember saying, "How...who...what???"...and then it was time to get ready for the Convention and I didn't have time to say anything else.

*hugs* Seriously, I'm sure you'll do a great job :)

Of course I knew. I'm, in effect, replacing Jonathan, who is retiring from the board this year. I even wrote the statement on the ballot.

But seeing it there makes it more real.

(Mostly, programming is the shul dinner, and I'm already making plans.)

Isn't that the truth--once you see it there in writing it sinks in that yeah, you really did agree to do it. I was only half-kidding about whether you knew or not. I've been in church groups where someone will just assume you'll do something, put you in charge of it, then tell you after the fact. Most places are a bit more considerate than that, but there are the exceptions to the rule *g*. I grew up in a small church where the adults just rotated all the jobs every two years, so my parents just waited for the nominating committee's report to see where they'd be next.

The first time it hit me I was in charge of the state committee was not when I was getting everything ready for the convention, or even when I was doing the credentialing at the convention. It was when I picked up the convention schedule and next to the line "Report of the Credentials Committee" was my name. That was when the reality sunk in.

I'd wish you a mazal tov...but it's synagogue politics and frankly, you're too nice to be eaten alive by opposing factions!

It's more like herding cats with our committee. And A. that's the president's job and B. I've done that before.

Mazel tov! (I think...)



Mazal tov and best of luck!

Thank you.

The words "running unopposed" are always a bit scary, but it seems like you have things well in hand. Good luck!

No one else wants the job. I was the second person asked (after someone far more qualified, who just wants member-at-large), and we made sure the congregation knew that they could nominate themselves at any point.

There's a reason why it's always the same people who do things. No one else wants to.

More importantly, when the time comes, don't forget to vote for yourself! :)

Isn't there a tv sitcom plot where the protaganist loses an election by one vote because they forget to vote for themselves? Sounds like a Night Court or Seinfeld punch line.

Mazel tov!

And you'll be excellent at it. You have years of experience herding cats at conventions.

Good Luck is certainly in order. That and some Tums. ;)