Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


1. Earlier this year, my first computer emitted its magic smoke. This afternoon, my second computer decided it was time to go, too.

Every machine is six year old. We need to replace things.

2. I went to a bris today - friends' *grandson*. And, no - they didn't serve meat. It was still 8AM - no one wants meat. (For those who are confused - the prohibition against meat during the Nine Days is purely minhag, so a suedat mitzvah, a meal that's required, such as the celebration after a bris, over-rides it. When osewalrus and beckyfeld had a bris for their son during the Nine Days, we drove down from Brooklyn - we knew there would be cold cuts.) Apparently there were some grumbles on the men's side, but the ladies didn't really care. On the other hand, the ladies also got sheets of aluminum foil and little bags to take home the leftover bagels. I'm eating lunch now - egg salad on a whole wheat bagel, courtesy of my friends.
Tags: bris, computer

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