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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've started watching Eureka this year.

One of the main over-all arcs this year is that a corporate shark has been appointed to make Global Dynamics "profitable". She's known for downsizing corporations so that they make more money.

And. It makes absolutely NO sense. GD has to be immensely profitable - all of the pure research it does has to create spin-offs that can be marketed (through dummy companies, of course) without seeming to be science fiction at all. Yes, the cure for the common cold is too expensive - yet - to be manufactured in large quantities - but the anti-viral research necessary for that would lead to, I don't know. Valtrex. Which I took when I had chicken pox ten years ago. There's no such thing as useless research.

In that universe, we went to the Moon in 1962, we currently have missions to Mars and we had the Bomb in 1938 - and it's thanks to Eureka.

In the latest episode, the "applied research" lab had a guy walking in, quite calmly, with his arm on fire. He eventually blew it out, revealing that his arm was covered in goo. This was the first day for this lab, which means that guy had been working on that goo before it opened. And that goo has tremendous practical implications.

It's clear that Thorne has ulterior motives, but why won't Stark or Blake say this truth.


I've watched Eureka from the beginning. When Thorne took out that vial of blue whatever it was last week, I groaned. She has some hidden adgenda which won't come up again for weeks. Still, so far, it's better than last season. Last season was way too dark and angsty for me. If I want that, I can watch Battlestar Galatica.

I'm finding the "GD gets corporate synergy with Degree" way too self referencial. You see Degree logos on camera, they reference Degree in script, they talk about Zane being the consumer face for GD, and then have a Degree comercial with the actor who plays Zane, in character.

It's just a little too much for me.

I like the Zima reference though. Is that a Babylon 5 reference perhaps?

"Zo I said to him, 'Nice station...'"

I think the Zima reference is the rare double snark.

1. Referring to the clear fruit-flavored beer-substance that had a very short life in the 90s.

2. Babylon 5 and the odd product placement on the station (the story goes that JMS used Zima as a joke - and then the show got sponsored by Zima anyway, so it became real. Until Zima's merciful end.)

Yes, my comment was precisely asking if it was a reference to what you describe in your "second of two snarks". Hence my "Zo I zaid to him, nice station!" line.

My guess is yes, it's a double snark.