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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Meme - gacked from browngirl

List 5 things which are basic common knowledge in your culture, which people outside are unfamiliar with. This is not about obscurity, but something everyday to you, that others go "bzuh?" at.

Some of this is Orthodox, some is culturally Jewish.

1. Even if you don't keep kosher, drinking milk with a meat dinner is slightly gross.
2. Shrimp are NOT kosher. Neither are Reuben sandwiches.
3. Single people do not bring dates to weddings. If they do (after asking if they can), everyone will assume there will be another wedding in the near future. Consequently, you don't see "and guest" on invitations.
4. "The Holidays" happen in the early fall.
5. Your mother makes the best chicken soup ever.


See my response to MuseClio.
And you know, Toffutti makes a perfectly reasonable Sour Cream replacement so if you want Goat Stroganoff, by all means have at it! Issues of Merat Ayin aside, of course.

I know that. I actually make a very nice faux Beef Stroganoff.

This was my father's line, you see. (Actually, he never ate milk and meat cooked together. Ham, yes. Shrimp and clams, yes. Butter on his corn-on-the-cob and cheese sauce on his broccoli with chicken meals, yes. Ham and cheese, for that matter. But never beef cooked with milk. EVER.)