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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
*Iz tired*

I had an all-but-sleepless night last night. Could not stay in one position, could not get my mind into sleep mode, was itchy from mosquito bites and it was humid, but not hot. Cool and humid means that the air conditioner is useless - the compressor won't go on unless it's cranked way down. So I was also damp.

Eventually, I did sleep. I know because at one point I realized I was dreaming. But that was after 4AM (I did a fair bit of reading - read until eyes were tired and tried to sleep. HAH!) and I woke up at 8AM. And it's been 25 years since I could function well like that.

Thing is, it used to be that sleepless nights were something that happened once in a while, when I was under stress or my hormones were rising (near infallible sign that my period would happen the next day or two.) Stress is possible, but not the latter. Not this week. And it's been happening more frequently.

Here's the thing. My mother sleeps badly, and has for years. Decades, in fact. Three decades. I'm about the age she was when it started. I'm not looking forward to it getting worse - Mom has entirely sleepless nights.


Witch hazel is good for mosquito bites. It's the active ingredient in some afterbite type applicators and is much cheaper. Hope you feel better.