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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

During the past few months, I've been watching a new building go up on my route to work - a large, boxy structure with modern design elements called "Pomegranate." My first thought was "catering hall."

Then the rumors came out - the most prevelant being "kosher Whole Foods." There is a Whole Foods in Brooklyn, but it's not really accessible to carless us, so we haven't been there. Thus, I was excited.

It opened last week. And what it is is a supermarket. A very large, new supermarket with wide aisles, artisically arranged produce (both organic and metallicinorganicregular), a nice selection of take-out meals and, well. It's a nice, large supermarket where everything is kosher or useful for the kosher consumer (one aisle is half-filled with disposables, which are useful in a kosher kitchen.) I don't know if they deliver - if they don't, it'll never be more than a place to go when I can't find something anywhere else. The nice large parking lot doesn't do much for us.

The prices are comparable, which is good. Also. It *does* have things I can't find anywhere else, like a nice selection of fresh herbs. And nice cuts of meat. And wild salmon.

And cheeses. All sorts of cheeses I've never had,and cheese I want to have. Like bleu cheese.

Um. Story there.

First went to Pomegranate on Wednesday after work. Bought a few things - yukon gold potatoes, fresh rosemary, shoulder steaks, brussels sprouts, and also picked up a small wedge of blue cheese thinking to use it for lunch on Shabbos. Because a green salad with blue cheese, pecans and pears in a vinaigrette? Delicious.

Got home. Didn't see the cheese in any of the bags and didn't see it on the reciept. Okay. I left it in the hand basket. Happens. Also, as it turns out, we're going to a Bat Mitzvah lunch on Shabbos anyway, so didn't need the cheese.

And then, Thursday night, while I finished the latest pair of socks, I noticed something in my knitting bag. Yep. The cheese. I'd STOLEN the cheese. Arrgh. (I think it fell into my knitting bag in the supermarket and I just didn't notice it until Thursday night.)

So I went back there today. jonbaker thought they'd call the police or something, but I couldn't imagine why. And, indeed, they just told me to pay for it when I checked out. And thought I was nuts, but really? What else would anyone do?

(And I got rice and a lime and some specialty spices and...) :)


Sooooooo jealous!

I want cheeses!

They had Asiago! And all these italian cheeses I'd never heard of!

The police? I must have been out of NYC too long, because I can't imagine why they'd call the police on you for coming back with the cheese and saying "I accidentally took this without paying, can I pay for it?"

My husband is...well. Shoplifting is illegal.

Although - the cheese cost $3.77,and I was going to pay for it.

And I didn't mean to do it, either.

The Blue Cheese Incident vs. ... "orange fruit"

I had an incident a few years ago: just as I was crossing the parking lot of a Boston-area local supermarket, I realized I had two or three oranges or clementines on me. (All I remember now is that they were orange-colored.)

That I'd forgotten to pay for.

I can't remember _how_ it happened, but at the time I was on tight schedules--I, too, rely on public transit--and was largely unemployed. I figured the fruit wouldn't have cost that much. For a red hot minute, less than two hundred feet of the store's exit, I almost kept on walking.

Then my conscience kicked in. Hey, wait a minnit!...I'm not that cheap!.

I probably paid less than two dollars for the fruit when I turned around to and went back. I can't remember exactly, now, and I usually remember numerical information or dates. I only remember that self-chiding voice (with a sense of humor) that reminded me I had some pride.