Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Project Runway minirant

The costumes were wild and over-the-top and I'm amused that the ONE, SINGULAR straight man won while two gay men were contending for last (and the one who went home was the right one to go home.)

But there was one incident between Suede (he who speaks in the third person) and a drag queen comedian called Hedda Lettuce. Yeah, she wears lots of green. Note. I don't particularly like Suede, and he's been consistently middle of the pack as a designer.

Anyway, he has a dream about his grandfather and gets inspired to put tiny heads of lettuce on opera length gloves. Hedda doesn't like them. This is fair. He also has designed a sleeveless garment. She doesn't like that. Also fair. She's the client, she has the right and responsibility to tell him that she doesn't like these design elements and ask him to change them. So far, so good.

And then she asks if he were too lazy to make the sleeves. She was probably joking, but in that situation, especially after he'd made a pair of fully lined green opera gloves and the lettuces on them, that was just plain insulting. And if you watch the episode and see Tim's reaction - and Tim is usually about pleasing the clients - you'll see that they were all upset, not that she wanted the outfit changed and said so, but that she did so by insulting her designer. Who is making her a dress from scratch in almost no time at all, and whom no one has ever called "lazy."

Even Suede, who added sleeves and shortened the gloves, never said a word against the change itself.

Was it improved or hurt by that change? Frankly, it was not a great outfit no matter what, and I don't think the changes meant anything.

She made a podcast on her myspace page ranting about this (if she'd been J. Lo, would they have complained that she wanted change? Who know? 1. It wasn't the changes. 2. She wasn't Jennifer Lopez. ) But she also said that Suede made up the story about his grandfather. He might have, of course, but did she need to cal lhim a liar as well as lazy? He'd said he'd make her a dress if he was not booted off.

She hated his dress, she insults him twice. But she still wants him to make her one. *sigh*

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