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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My landlady has decided to refurbish the outside of the house. That means rebricking her stairs and then the front of the house (which were red brick accented with white brick-shaped tiles - very pretty.) and our stairs. It's duller.

But also, it 's made life interesting for us. We use the front steps for our private entrance. The workers are working around the steps. This makes coming and going awkward at best.

The workers have been wonderful and accomodating. Thursday, I needed to manuver a full laundry cart over a string level right across my threshold and over rather debris stewn steps. So one man lifted the entire cart and took it to the sidewalk for me. This morning, they had to place a board over the steps in such a way to make a very long drop to the ground. They couldn't remove the plank, so they made a makeshift staircase of sandbags and then helped me down safely. When I got back they dismantled half a scaffold that was blocking the door.

They've been gentlemen above and beyond the call of duty. :)


That's very nice to hear. Courtesy seems to be a lost art anymore.

That's why I wanted to talk about it.

Don't tell us, tell them!

(OK, you can tell us too, but make sure they feel the love.)

It's very nice that they're being helpful. Deserving of some baked goods/thank-yous when they finish, perhaps?