Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

it's Friday afternoon

I have four small loaves of homemade (and very crusty) ciabatta bread.

I have, in the oven, a pan of chicken legs and a chicken thigh with chicken grill spice and garlic. I've been butchering the chickens myself, which means no ribs in the chicken leg, and one leg isn't a big enough portion for jonbaker. It is, however, the perfect portion for me. So, last week, I cut up not one but two chickens, and cut up the legs into pieces. The extra thigh or drumstick make it the right sized portion. I also have several pounds of chicken carcasses and a bunch of breast fillets in the freezer.

I also have a pan of roasted potatoes - cut up small red potatoes tossed with salt, pepper and jullienned onions. I'll make some frozen mixed veg, and that will be shabbos dinner.

Shabbos lunch will be a chef's salad.

I basically need to do the lights and make the coffee and I will be done. Yay!

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