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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
it's Friday afternoon

I have four small loaves of homemade (and very crusty) ciabatta bread.

I have, in the oven, a pan of chicken legs and a chicken thigh with chicken grill spice and garlic. I've been butchering the chickens myself, which means no ribs in the chicken leg, and one leg isn't a big enough portion for jonbaker. It is, however, the perfect portion for me. So, last week, I cut up not one but two chickens, and cut up the legs into pieces. The extra thigh or drumstick make it the right sized portion. I also have several pounds of chicken carcasses and a bunch of breast fillets in the freezer.

I also have a pan of roasted potatoes - cut up small red potatoes tossed with salt, pepper and jullienned onions. I'll make some frozen mixed veg, and that will be shabbos dinner.

Shabbos lunch will be a chef's salad.

I basically need to do the lights and make the coffee and I will be done. Yay!


You know, when you first mentioned butchering the chicken, I was a bit nervous and thought you meant shekhita and was impressed by your incredible nerves. Good to know butchering just means cutting the chicken once it has gone to its reward.

Ooooers... I've always talked about buying the whole birds and cutting them down into the appropriate pieces for later baking. But I never do it... *shakes head at self*

And the roasted potatoes sound really, really yummy right now. I suppose I should eat something, eh? *veg*

Sounds delicious! Good shabbos.

btw, if you're interested in baking crusty breads, you might enjoy Dan Leader's cookbook Bread Alone, arising out of his bakery of the same name. It's where I first learned about poolishes and bigas and whatnot, and I find the recipes in it easy to follow.

(I also have a lovely one called A Blessing of Bread: Jewish Breads from Around the World, though that one goes in some different directions...)