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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
In other developments

I think I'm getting old. Or growing up. I'm not sure which.

But instead of watching reruns or silly craftshows in the afternoons, I've been watching news. Deliberately. Okay, today that makes sense, and also the last couple of weeks, but I think I like it.

I'm scared. I thought that if you didn't grow up by 40, you never had to. And I'm almost 45.


If you're not watching the Sunday-morning talking-heads shows, then there's still hope for you.


Well, no. I've been sleeping late or watching reruns. But I have been catching "Meet the Press"...

I'm not sure that watching the news makes you a grown up. Learning to carry on, live, love, even thrive despite what one sees in the news?

That's a mark of spiritual maturity.

You have that, I think, as well.


jonbaker might disagree.

I got very angry at certain points during the primaries.


Did you know the NY Times only used to come in b/w?

Horrors, now we can have the news in any format we like--and in living colour! I used to watch the news every day when I was eleven! And not just the local stuff, either, I mean NETWORK, baby! And that was years before I got a colour set! I could see all the way around the world without having to go outside and risk getting mugged (it was the 60s after all).

Watching the news doesn't mean you're getting older, it means you're getting wiser! Welcome to the club!

Re: KiD,

I'm not *that* young. I remember when the Gray Lady was really gray. :)

Wiser, huh? That's that growing up thing, right?

Re: KiD,

Trust me dear, there's plenty of sports, drama & entertainment to be found, even when Katie Couric is presenting it. Although I do admit a fondness for George Stephanopoulos.