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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Today's word is "layers"

It's *cold* out there. It's 20F, but it feels like 7F. I don't like being cold.

So. I'm wearing tights *and* leggings under my skirt, and I'm wearing a mockturtle and a longsleeved polo shirt and a sweatshirt - well,the sweatshirt is currently folded up because it is warmish in here - as well as my wool beret that won't leave my head until I get home tonight.

And therefore, only my wrists and ankles and cheeks are at all cold when I leave the office.


I cheated and drove to work today for that same reason.

I have to admit that I got cocky because of the drive. I'm wearing pants, a long sleve shirt (not heavy at all) and a pair of loafers, sockless.

I did have on a coat scarf and gloves for the walk from the car to work.

But tomorrow I must resume the metro, and I may die. It's just amazingly cold. I don't want to go out in it.
The dog refuses to go out in it,has spent all his time lately huddling under some quilts. It's just nasty out.

And it's ruined my skin. I didn't moistruize adequetly and I've got a nice dry rash going. Argh.