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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
What I did today

I cleaned my room.

Okay, not quite. But I did tackle the giant corner of books and comics between my night-table and my dresser. It had gotten to the point that the night-table was right against the bed, and there are a number of reasons why that is BAD.

So. I got rid of a lot of comics. I put my knitting books in a bookcase. I culled a few books -duplicates plus mystery novels I have already read and don't want to read again, to be taken to the used book store. I put all paperbacks into boxes to be taken to a different room, and repiled the hardcovers.

I found my stuffed bunny *and* a book I'd wanted to read again *and* two skeins of sock yarn. That last is good because I'm trying to put off yarn buying as long as possible, and now I have one more pair of socks I can make. I also have a sweater that is taking a long time - yay! and a lace scarf out of yarn leftover from the one I made my mother-in-law. Not terribly sure what I'll do when I finish - I mostly just fell in love with a lace pattern from a pair of socks and thought it would make a pretty scarf. The problem is, it's bright red and very not my color. I was going to give it to an agent, but that's out. Maybe I'll give it to someone in my shul who can wear bright red. Or donate it to an Interfilk auction. I have other leftover yarn I can play with as well.

I have sweet potato wedges in the oven, as a side dish to chicken filet and peas. It's all good.


Bunch of cozies - Mary Kruger, Monica Ferris, Maggie Sefton - all based on needlework and needlework/knitting stores. I started reading them because I like Monica Ferris as Margaret Fraser and, well. Knitting. I can usually spot the killer in the first few chapters (except for the Ferris books, where often there isn't even a body until at least halfway through.)

They're in somewhat random order.