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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Project Runway

Once again, Korto was robbed. I thought her green dress with the jacket was adorable and fulfilled the assignment perfectly. I was less thrilled about Jerrell's - but it's a truism with PR - whenever they use non-models, the outfit on the thinnest person tends to win. And Korto's young woman was of average proportions.

As for the losers - yes. Joe's outfit was just wrong. It was not made well, it was not flattering to his client and it didn't even look pretty in and of itself (at least Suede's was a gorgeous print and a pretty dress. Inappropriate for the challenge, but not ugly.) He deserved to go.


I admit I was rooting for Jerrell on this one because I so totally wanted that outfit. That girl might as well have been me in terms of what she'd want to wear etc. A big cardigan? Yay!

I would have chosen Korto's as well - though Jerrell's really suited his client, it just wasn't to my taste...

Joe's outfit looked like it was too small for the girl, and sloppily made - the blouse especially . His client was a nicely-rounded girl, but he made her look kind of fat-n-sweaty....