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Snippet V

"Did I just molest an eight-year-old?" Kyle held the cup of hot chocolate carefully in his hands as he sat down next to the fire.
Alfred, Bruce's more-than-a-butler, sat across from him, holding his own cup. He frowned. "That's a rather complex question, Master Kyle. Given my employer's...unusual mental state and his history, I can see why you would ask it." He took a deep breath. "All things considered, and granted that I do not know, nor do I wish to know, what transpired between the two of you this evening, I would say that you did not molest Master Bruce." He smiled and took a sip of his chocolate.

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. He'd been nervous since Alfred had waved the robe inside Bruce's room. He'd put on the robe, constructed some little wet/dry vacs to clean up their mess and followed the man to this handsome guest room. The robe, a dark emerald, fit him perfectly. He wasn't sure what he thought about that. "You seem to almost approve of what we did, Mr. Pennyworth."

"I do approve. I approve of whatever occured, and I most certainly approve of you."

He felt like he'd gotten a parental blessing. "It doesn't bother you that I'm a man."

"Quite the contrary. All that concerns me, Master Kyle, is that you love him and you make him happy. Given his behavior this past fortnight, you do make him happy. He even smiles on occasion when speaking of his plans for you, and he was as nervous as a teenager preparing for tonight."

Kyle shook his head. "That's almost impossible to believe, of either Bruce or Batman. do you know I love him? I just figured that out tonight." He couldn't help smiling at the memory.

"Because, Master Kyle, you are drinking cocoa and eating biscuits here with me." He indicated the plate of cookies between them. "If you were merely infatuated, like our Ms. Bordeaux, Green Lantern would be flying over Gotham City with him right now."

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