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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Just wrote up a resume

My goodness.

The motivation is a fulltime(!) job for a charitable organization - adminisrative assistant/event coordinator.

I am qualified for this job. I am *over* qualified for this job. I've run an SF convention.

I am sending out cover letter and resumé now.

You sure can!

I have a friend who makes oodles of money from organizing ONE 3 days event annually.


Good luck!

send me a copy to hand over to my HR department. No promises, but I can at least hand it into them.


good luck!!


(I'm holding my thumbs for you. *g*)

Thats sounds great! Good luck to you.

Good Luck!

Sounds like a great fit!

Good Luck!

From your computer to God's ears - good luck!

Crossed digits!

Running an SF convention is definitely good preparation! Good luck.