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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Last Night's Supernatural

I am...confused.

Supernatural, like most dark fantasy/horror media, inhabits a basically Christian universe - very Catholic, from what I can see. I don't think other types of Christianity use holy water. That's why crosses and holy water and Christian exorcism words work on the demons.

Dean uses these things all the time. Dean knew that the water Bobby threw on him was holy water. He *knows* holy water is effective on demons. He knows this empirically.

How can he know that holy water exists and not believe in holiness itself? How can he know that there is darkness and not believe there is light - where does he think the tools to fight it come from? How does he think holy water happens? (How DOES holy water happen, btw? Is it just tap water blessed by a priest or are there rules about it?)

If there are demons, there must be angels - especially since Christian mythos has it that demons *were* angels who rebelled. Okay, Dean isn't a supergenius, but he's not stupid and he does employ logic on occasion. If there wasn't a heaven, his arsenal wouldn't work.


Hmm. I've wondered about that, and for me, it returns to the concept of faith, which Dean doesn't seem to have. He trusts in concrete things that work; he doesn't need to understand physics to know a bullet kills, so he wouldn't necessarily feel the need to understand why holy water works. Dean never struck me as being able to take a leap of faith; he trusts himself, his father, and Sam, all proven things that *work*.

Demons he's seen, killed, touched--that's something he can prove. Magic he can prove, and holy water might be, in his mind, just another form of magic.

(Speaking of this, in the show, John Winchester blessed like an entire building's worth of water with a prayer and dropping a cross in; strictly speaking, I'm not sure that's supposed to work without the will of God in the form of a priest, so Dean could very well see holy water and other bits associated with Christianity as simply another form of magic, not as a part of elemental good. Again, practical--a prayer (spell) to God (higher being of some kind) instead of the actual battle between Dark and Light.)

It's odd, but it's also consistent with his father's very, very practical education instead of a spiritual one.

There's also the fact that comes up that we don't see beings of absolute good, only evil. So never having seen or experienced that, it makes sense that he wouldn't believe, considering on earth, he and the other hunters are as close as you can get to a protective 'good'.

Technically, in an emergency, anyone of faith can bless water to make it holy water, just as in an emergency, anyone can baptize. Now, the question of whether John qualifies as being "of faith" is a whoooole other can of worms.

Or whether John passed that on as other than theory if he was; Dean seems to fall closer himself to a belief in a universe of multiple higher and lower powers, not necessarily a monotheistic one. Actually, Dean (to me) falls closer to the BtVS school of thought on evil and good and everything between.

The Buffy universe has always looked fairly Christian to me, too.

Yeah, that makes sense to me. To Dean, it's all magic. In fact, considering that his education had to be spotty at best, and he's not the sort to supplement it with anything he doesn't need to know to survive or maintain his car, Dean might well think *everything* is magic in that he doesn't know or care how it works.

In a way, though, it's a kind of faith - a faith in his father. If Dad says it'll work, it'll work. He may have transferred that part of that faith to Sam, too. But, that won't explain things unseen.