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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Last Night's Supernatural

I am...confused.

Supernatural, like most dark fantasy/horror media, inhabits a basically Christian universe - very Catholic, from what I can see. I don't think other types of Christianity use holy water. That's why crosses and holy water and Christian exorcism words work on the demons.

Dean uses these things all the time. Dean knew that the water Bobby threw on him was holy water. He *knows* holy water is effective on demons. He knows this empirically.

How can he know that holy water exists and not believe in holiness itself? How can he know that there is darkness and not believe there is light - where does he think the tools to fight it come from? How does he think holy water happens? (How DOES holy water happen, btw? Is it just tap water blessed by a priest or are there rules about it?)

If there are demons, there must be angels - especially since Christian mythos has it that demons *were* angels who rebelled. Okay, Dean isn't a supergenius, but he's not stupid and he does employ logic on occasion. If there wasn't a heaven, his arsenal wouldn't work.


It's pretty much just the protestants who don't do holy water, but the older cristian traditions: Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic do use it. Depending on the rite, salt and/or other herbs may be added.

As for Dean's skepticism and shock, I think it could come from believing that the use of latin and/or old christian rites are just "the rules" -- that this was stuff that predated the christian church that they incorporated.

That the religion didn't have much to do with it -- that it had to be the ritual.

And I don't think he ever gave much thought to it beyond "it works".

Salt works and it's not necessarily tied to any one faith.

Yeah, I can see that. As seperis said - it's all magic to him.