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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just woke up from theJewish equivalent of "Oh, no, it's the end of term and I never attended any classes!" nightmare -

I dreamed it was the middle of Pesach and I never cleaned or bought food or cooked! I woke up not shaking or sweating, but wondering what I could do in that case.

I think it's because of the marathon of holidays I have stretching in front of me. None of them are as intense in terms of preparation (even the miniature construction is fairly easy), but there are so many of them, with so many meals and so much time in shul and guest lists to juggle, and all of them midweek, and all of them fairly emotional for one reason or another.


i so have had that dream.

You know, it was a relief to wake up and realize that it's NOT Pesach, just Tishrei? :)

Tishrei can definitely feel like a marathon. This year I have a whole new respect for the rabbis and shlichei tzibbur who take us through all of this davening. Practically speaking, there's a lot of material here -- and emotionally and spiritually speaking, it's such important stuff!

Oh, yeah. My husband used to be the ba'al shacharit for our old synagogue, and he'd be practicing for most of this month. Not in this one, and we're cool with that.

We just "hired" someone to do musaf (for the second day and possibly Yom Kippur) because the guy who usually does it doesn't want to do both days. Quotes because I don't know if we're paying him or not. My synagogue does not use paid chazzanim - we have deep talent in our own membership.

I should know. I'm on the board. I'll ask the president when I see him in shul.

But, you know? From my perspective, they have it easy. :) Plus, they get the glory.

I have the menus planned. Now I need to figure out how much to buy and when to do the cooking.


See why I was cranky last year?