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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Arisia Report

Because why not?

First. Way fun convention. This was the first full SF con jonbaker and I have attended since, well, last Arisia. And, as much as we like filk cons and Readercon and I liked Eclecticon, there's nothing like a full SF con.

We left on Thursday night, with a insulated bag filled with hot hunan beef and rice. Three hours later, we pulled into a Ramada outside Hartford. The food was still warm *and* I was tired, but not exhausted. The Ramada, btw, had a fridge and a microwave in the room.

We got to Brookline before noon, which gave us plenty of time to shop for food and for books and to have lunch with friends, and then to get to the hotel in time to get ready for Shabbat.

The con itself - wonderful. All those people to talk to or to buy from or to hear talk or to sing with, or to share a Shabbat dinner with. We needed this so badly.

I was on two panels - one about storytelling in the electronic age and one about connecting with communities. The first didn't happen - no one showed up but Jonathan. The second.


The moderator didn't, and it became a discussion about recruitment for the SCA, even though there were people who wanted to discuss other things, and I did try.

But, speaking of the SCA...I bought garb. I bought a bodice dress with a paisley skirt (made of the oh, so period *rayon*, but beautifully made) and a chemise to make it modest. I also bought a baby Cthullu and a kitty hawk (a siamese kitten with wings on) and a silver stork embroidery scissors and Jonathan bought a necklace that goes perfectly with the dress. And, of course, books and a zine called Southern Hospitality, which includes a story by catmoran and a truly fine Battlestar Galactica novelette and a squicksome Winnie the Pooh.

I also attended an LJ panel and two fanfic panels, one specifically about slash. Both fanfic panels had Henry Jenkins of "Textual Poachers" fame, and he was wonderful. The slash panel had three men and two women (one being otherdeb), and began with only one woman listed. We mostly seemed to talk about legalities and about Harry Potter.

We stayed over Sunday night to attend the dead dog and to relax, and got home at about 5PM Monday.

Current Mood: busybusy

And in another universe, I didn't get sick, and you and jonbaker had dinner with gnomi and me...

We'll try for NYC, the week following Boskone weekend.


I'm just glad you're feeling better.

And, do you like Thai food?

I love Thai food. Why, just the other day I said to Nomi, "Nomi, I love Thai food."

But it's hard to find it kosher around here. I presume you know a place in Brooklyn?

Would I bring it up if we didn't?

It's called Kao-San and it's on Coney Island Avenue.

It's pretty good, too.