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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
This is hysterical

The Great Schlep.

It's real - the idea is that young Jewish Obama supporters visit their grandparents in Florida over Columbus Day weekend, and try to talk these (often very involved, often very Democratic) people out of their doubts about Obama - mainly convinicing them he's not Muslim.

At the very least, they would have visited their grandparents. (This is actually an argument they use for going - you'll make your grandparents happy.) I mean, on their website, thegreatschelp.com, the answer to "How do I go?" is, "Call your grandparents and tell them to get the couch ready." If you can't go, at least call your grandparents.

Will this help the Obama campaign? Who knows. It certainly couldn't hurt it.


This? Is an *awesome* idea!

Isn't it? The only downside is maybe Bubbe and Zayde can't cook.

Hoo, boy. That's cute and sweet and funny and politically savvy all at once.

It probably works on grandparents of many faiths. (Though, if mine were living, it would be unnecessary, since you could not have paid them enough to make them vote Republican.)

Yes, I'm sure it would. Grandparent/grandchild is a very special relationship.

They're targeting this group because the Jewish vote in Florida is very powerful. And these are people who *will* vote.

And the kids are hearing "It's a mitzvah."

Will this help the Obama campaign? Who knows. It certainly couldn't hurt it.

I believe you meant to say:
Nu? Could it hurt? So you'll spend some time with your grandparents in Bocca. Will it kill you? Go already!

You're right. I have lost Yiddish points.

This is one of the most awesome things I've heard about the campaign. Everyone is working for the greater good!

And that reminds me, I need to call Grandma. She doesn't need convincing, but she does need a call from me. :)

I LOVE this...what a wonderful idea. Now, if they could just give me talking points for my Eisenhower Republican grandfather...

40 days...we either work harder than we ever had now or we cry for 4 more years.

My grandmother's in Boston and already an Obama supporter. But I love the idea!

My grandmother is long gone, of course, but my mother is part of that generation (I'm old).

I just happened to have a chat with her.

She's *in love* with Obama, and she's always loved Joe Biden, and she's disgusted that the other members of her JCC are going to vote Democratic down-ticket, but for McCain. Why? Because they'll admit to her what they would never admit to their kids or grandkids - Obama's black. And they also believe he's Muslim and hates Israel.

I gave her some of the talking points to use. :)

This is made of naches! I hope the airlines are PACKED heading into Miami, Hollywood, and West Palm Beach Airports that weekend.

Would that I had grandparents alive to convince (because then I'd have a reason to visit Brooklyn :-).