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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yom Tov 5769

I just bought a tremendous amount of food. And I already had some things and will get other things.

Yom Tov menus:

Givens: Challah, honey, wine, soda

Monday Night (Big Zev, Rina, her mother, possibly Michael, us):
Gefilte fish
Noodle Soup
Honey cake

Tuesday lunch (US!)
broccoli/swiss quiche

Tuesday dinner (Mom, Lenny, Marc, possibly Michael)
Pot Roast with vegetables
Pototo kugel muffins
Honey cake

Wednesday Lunch (Mitch/Jocelyn/Zoe/Wynn, Richard/Judith/Yitzchak/Chaya Raisel, Us)
New fruit
Fish (need another log, methinks)
New World Casserole (potatoes, tomatoes, oninos, chicken)
Honey Cake
Pareve ice cream

The oversized guestlist on Wednesday is because Mitch & co were to come on Tuesday, but there was a children's service on Tuesday. So they're coming on Wednesday. And Mitch says he'll even eat MEAT. If not, he can have eggs or extra fish.

Still to buy: Turkey, extra log of fish, salad greens, cheese, milk, broccoli and pie crust, baking powder (I'm making the honey cake) and apples, plus paper and aluminum foil things.


The big meal I'm preparing is lunch on the first day of yom tov. (ETA: lunch for the first day of yom tov; on the day itself I'm planning to spend all morning in shul, so most things need to be prepared in advance.) My sweetie is going to roast a couple of chickens, so that's taken-care-of. On the day before, I think I'm going to make challah, and maybe an orzo salad, and some kind of vegetable that will keep well overnight and maybe even be tasty at room temperature. (Roasted asparagus?) We're thirteen, which will pack our dining room table, but I'm getting excited now.

(Also, glad I'm only cooking for one crowd!)

Edited at 2008-09-25 07:15 pm (UTC)

some kind of vegetable that will keep well overnight and maybe even be tasty at room temperature

Might I suggest Roasted and Marinated Green Beans with Onions and Garlic Cloves?

New World Casserole sounds delicious. Your entire menu sounds incredible actually. Shana Tovah!

Thank you. The same for you.

And mazel tov on the gorgeous baby boy - I can't believe I missed that post.

Wow.. That's an amazing quantity of food, there! I haven't had good Potato Pancakes (which is what my goyim family called 'em) since I was a little kid. Maybe you can make some for me someday! :-)

*hugs* Sounds like a Huge Undertaking...but correct to the season, as pathetically poorly as this pagan understands it. :-)

I think I was a bit confusing. Kugel is usually translated as "pudding", and it's baked. The muffins are my innovation. Pancakes are latkes, and those are fried, which is why they're for Chanukah.

I've already made a change, though. Instead of a whole turkey, I'm making a turkey breast.

Oooh! Well, it sounds like that is something I'll have to try! I'm always cookable-for. ;-) mmm. It still sounds divine to me! *drool* (by the way, if you're bored sometime, tell me where I can get a SMALL piece of challah?)

Where do you live? If you can find a Jewish bakery or grocery store, they'll have challah rolls.

(Is still rather upset that the New York Times Magazine decides that it's NOT insulting to change the standard challah recipe to make a sweet, flaky, DAIRY thing for "after dinner.")

I'm a few minutes north of Boston, in a town called Medford, MA. I wouldn't know where to find a bakery, and the grocery store ones I've seen have been HUGE. I'm only one person! (well, we're only two people, whichever. :-) Flaky pasteries are all well and good, but it's not the sort of thing that I think of as challah at all, goyim or not! :P

Go to Brookline. Harvard Street. There's a shop called "The Butcherie" which has everything.

(I would advise you to wait until the end of October. It's going to be either closed or EXTREMELY busy until then.)

Thanks, dear! I appreciate it! :-) *hugs*


There's a new Whole Foods right in Medford that has kosher challah, possibly rolls too.