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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

As I said last week - Supernatural, like most horror universes, is based on Christian mythology. The entire arc this season seems to be based on the book of Revelations, and uses the Christian version of the "devil".

(Side note - I love that Dean could not believe in ultimate evil anymore than he could believe in ultimate good. "Lucifer" is a fairy tale told in demonic "Sunday school". He's very consistent.)

But someone explain what would be significant about the number 66. I know there's a numerology reference to 666 (although is that based on Hebrew or Greek?), but sixty-six just seems out of nowhere. It's not even composed of important numbers - eleven, three, two. Okay, I'll give you three for the Trinity, but what do two and eleven mean?

(Other than the number of the tablets and the stars in Yosef's dream, but that's a Passover song.)


I think, iirc, the protestant bible has 66 books (in the Luther translation at least), with the Revelation being the last one, so maybe it's supposed to stand for that? Otherwise I got nothing. I don't think it fits with how Catholics count them though.

I got nothing either, other than Bobby's line about there being two versions of the Book of Revelation -- one watered down one for the masses and an unabridged version.

I think the 66 seals may have been a reinforcement of the fact that there have been serious edits made to the "standard" version.

Well, there's the Mark of the Beast, of course, which is the 666. But as far as I know there's not a significance to 66 per se, other than the 66 books of the Protestant Bible. The Catholics have 73, IIRC.

I think it might be a nod to the six seals that are opened in Revelation 6, which would give you a double-six, which when added together give you a twelve, which in Biblical numerology is the number for governmental perfection. And six is the number for man.


I'm curious as to why they went with 66 seals needing to be opened instead of just seven....