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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yom Tov 5769 Post III

Soup is simmering. Pot roast and casserole are in the oven. I used a real (read non-disposable) roasting pan for the pot roast and a very deep rectangular pan for the casserole - it fit perfectly. 4 onions, about fifteen chicken thighs, and nine potatoes, plus a can of diced tomatoes I should have added layer by layer. Doesn't matter. It'll be good. Both covered with foil and in a 350° oven.

Then I take a shower and get dressed and get lunch and more produce (just salads.) plus stuff we'll run out of during yom tov like cereal and soy milk. Next step - make the noodles for the soup and the spinach kugel since I have room for it in the oven, and the veggies for the stuffing. About three pm, take out the oven stuff, and put in the stuffing, and the kugel muffins. Remove the veggies from the soup and add water and carrots.


Having the cereal and soy milk over yom tov is quite important.

It certainly is. That's my breakfast everyday, and it's especially necessary for Rosh HaShanah with the late lunches.

My daily breakfast is usually bran flakes in soy milk, although this morning it was a whole wheat bagel and cream cheese.

The late lunches...I hear you.

My synagogue has the practical custom of having kiddush after shacharit instead of musaf, so people get a bite to eat.

Of course, that "bite" is cake, so that lets me out, but at least it's someting.

Do people stick around for mussaf? Or, let me rephrase that – how do they make sure people stick around for mussaf?


We have it *before* the shofar blowing. No one's going anywhere.

After the yom tov you'll have to share more about these kugel muffins, if you will. I'm intrigued.

They're an experiment. I'm making my normal potato kugel recipe, but baking it in muffin tins. I'll see if it works out.

Oh! I've done this in small pans, but not muffin tins, mini-kugels, if you will. The only thing I think might be an issue is too-crispy edges, if you don't catch the timing just right. But it sounds good.

I got the idea while watching Michael Symon do a seder dinner on Dinner: Impossible. He made a potato kugel with dill and topped it with smoked salmon.

And he cooked it in a water bath so there wouldn't be a crust.

*Shakes head* No wonder his sister's mother-in-law won the kugeloff with her apple-matzo one.

So. I thought a muffin would maximize crust. That reminds me. I need apple sauce.

And apples.

Apple tip: Honeycrisp apples, if you haven't tried them, are incredibly delicious.

best apples?

Fuji or macintosh. Definitely.

Re: best apples?

Sorry, Zev. I got Golden Delicious for tonight. :)

Re: best apples?

Not a problem, I spent my youth picking (and eating) Golden Delicious by the bushel.

I thought I was satiated forever, but I just had a Golden Delicious 3 days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm exhausted just reading your list of cooking exploits!

Re: best apples?


I just hope you enjoy it.