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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
This is...I don't know.

It does say that a problem AT LEAST 8 years in the making needs more than a week to solve.

"House Rejects Bailout"


I did not expect this, though. I thought the rush to any solution, even a bad one, would push this through.

Yeah, I'm sorta with you. I am nervous that the panicky nature of the stock market will just keep making things worse, but the bailout hasn't made me the least bit comfortable.

It's weird to find myself agreeing with the far right, but in this case I really do.

Yeah, me too. People with whom I usually agree wrote the bill. I'm shaking my head over it, but I'm still very happy it failed. Maybe later something will show me why I shouldn't have been, but for now, I'll stick with "happy and bemused." Also, glad I have my chickens.

I think the bill sucks, but according to economists I trust, letting the banking system laissez-faire its way to ruin would suck much, much more. So I hope this failure leads to the passage of a bill that sucks less.

Shana tova.