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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Final Yom Tov 5769 Post

Turkey is in oven.

I almost forgot the onion for the kugel - and since my kugel recipe is grated potatoes, grated onions, oil, eggs and matzo meal, that's a big deal. I had them in the margarined muffin tins and in the oven before I realized this. I'd even closed the oven door. But that was plenty of time for me to add the onions and all is well.

I've added carrots to the soup and cooked the noodles. Separately because who wants starchy soup/soggy noodles?

I'm going to sit for a bit before I clean off the dining roon table and put on the pads and tablecloth, and then take a fast shower. I think I'll have time to even relax with some coffee.


Ooh, I'd never thought of making kugel in muffin tins! How long do you have to bake them for? Individual kugels; what an awesome idea.

Shanah tovah tikatevu to you and jonbaker.

I just invented it this year. I'm keeping an eye on them, but at this point, I think 350 for 45 minutes - I want a nice crust top and bottom, but moist insides. And I wish I'd remembered to buy applesauce. I'm thinking two muffins per person.

May the new year be a blessing to you.