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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Tomorrow - clothing

So. It turns out I don't have an interview suit. I have simcha suits, and a couple of shabbos suits, but no interview/work suits.

Tomorrow, I am wearing a dark blue skirt, a pink and brown striped blouse and a grey pinstriped jacket. And a Parkhurst hat because I don't own a sheitel and I think the little hats are more professional looking than a scarf. I'm using my everyday purse, but I'm putting my knitting into a nice totebag and I'm not wearing my fannypack - I'm putting my phone and pda into my purse. I'll put on makeup, I guess. I'll even take some with me to touch up.

I might have purchased an interview suit today but I caught a cold yesterday and thought I'd do better resting, and it worked. I feel coldy, but my nose isn't running and I'm barely sneezing now.


I'm having a real hard time picturing how blue, pink, brown and gray are all going to work together. Are you sure you shouldn't just wear a shabbos suit?

It does work, but I changed to a blue blouse. The shabbos suits won't work.

Blue blouse sounds better! I was always taught to over dress for an interview, and especially on the east coast. Even if it is an outfit you would never wear on the job, it makes you look eager to start work. For example, a guy would wear a suit and tie to a blue collar type interview. I always wore a pinstripe suit and a silk blouse, even when I was just temping as a receptionist. I was much more likely to be offered a permanant job when I was "overdressed".

Just my two cents. I wish you lots of luck! :-D

good luck on the interview.

Good luck tomorrow with the interview!

Despite all The Rules of Dressing for Success, I've observed that looking good for an interview is not so much a matter of having an outfit that matches as looking decently coordinated and feeling comfortable in whatever you do wear.

Best of luck playing The Interview Game.