Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Tomorrow - clothing

So. It turns out I don't have an interview suit. I have simcha suits, and a couple of shabbos suits, but no interview/work suits.

Tomorrow, I am wearing a dark blue skirt, a pink and brown striped blouse and a grey pinstriped jacket. And a Parkhurst hat because I don't own a sheitel and I think the little hats are more professional looking than a scarf. I'm using my everyday purse, but I'm putting my knitting into a nice totebag and I'm not wearing my fannypack - I'm putting my phone and pda into my purse. I'll put on makeup, I guess. I'll even take some with me to touch up.

I might have purchased an interview suit today but I caught a cold yesterday and thought I'd do better resting, and it worked. I feel coldy, but my nose isn't running and I'm barely sneezing now.

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