Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Yom Kippur 5769

Night and day from last year. Last year, I'd had a stomach virus a couple days earlier that dehydrated me to the point that I couldn't fully rehydrate in time for Yom Kippur. Which, again, is no food/no water for 25 hours. Normally, I spend a significant portion of the night going to the bathroom because I'm, if anything, overwatered. Which I did Wednesday night, but not last year.

Last year, therefore, I was very bad by the end of the morning services, at about 1:30-2PM. I was bad enough that people made me eat and drink, which was so very hard. I went home to bed and stayed there, except for saying afternoon and final services alone, until it was full night.

This year, in my seat surrounded by friends, I was *fine*. I mean, I was hungry and I got a headache at one part, and it's always worse around mealtimes, and I sat whenever possible, but I was never dizzy and I felt fine. In fact, I didn't break my fast until after the evening service, about 7:30. I had several people making a point of asking how I was because of last year.

Also, other than one portion, I managed most of the service using my Hebrew-only machzor - mostly because it was lighter than the Hebrew-English. That gets important by the end.

I got into the prayers a time or two, but the best thing was watching Joy. Joy turned twelve this past summer, so this was her first *real* Yom Kippur, the first time it counted. She'd fasted last year, but knew she could stop when she wanted to. And you could just *feel* how important it was for her, how much she felt it. It was beautiful.
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