Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

[Political](Unfiltered)"Decent Family Man"

Last week, a woman at a McCain rally said that she'd been reading and had come to the conclusion that Obama was an Arab and not trustworthy. McCain immediately came to Obama's defense, saying,"That's not so. He's a decent family man." While I'm very happy that McCain was defending Obama, the defense itself bugs me big time.

1. While Obama is neither of Arabian descent nor is he a Muslim (implied by that statement), neither are either (or both) bad things to be.
2. It's good that McCain thinks of Obama as a "decent family man." I have a feeling that's a very high compliment in McCain's book. And it's likely true. However, nothing about "decent family man" implies anything about nationality or religion. Saying he can't be an Arab (or Muslim) because he's a decent family man says that Arabs/Muslims aren't such, and that's just not true. It bugs me. (And I wonder about the trace of "he's Christian therefore he's decent", too.)

And yet, the pundits on CNN last night, including Obama supporters, were all saying how wonderful it was that McCain defended Obama, not once taking in the other implications. So I'm thinking this isn't a McCain/Republican thing but an American thing, and that, also, bugs me.
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