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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Twice this yomtov season, I've been offered guests and turned them down (once we didn't want guests and once I simply didn't have the food.) Today, a third person called, sent by our rabbi. I can't turn down a third - it's in the house and I haven't shopped yet at all. She wanted either Tuesday or Wednesday lunch. I'm doing eggs/dairy for Tuesday lunch, but she didn't want that. And a good thing, because she's bringing two others. Although, asking for a meal and then turning up one's nose at what's offered...*shakes head*.

So. She's coming on Simchat Torah. Which means a complete change in plans for me. I am *still* making chicken paprikash because now that I'm feeding five people, not two, a big one pot course is best,but now I need a dinner for Tuesday night. Ah, maybe I'll just make chicken breast fillet - fast, easy and not too heavy for 10PM.

And she won't meet us at synagogue, so I had to give her an approximate time to show up at the house, too. Which I didn't know and couldn't guess as her phone call woke me up and my head was spinning and...wow.

I'm going to have to be a gracious hostess to three strangers who probably won't expect my somewhat messy house and idiosyncratic meals. Or, given the conversation, some of my vocabulary. On the most stressy holiday of they ear for me.

I'm guessing there's a reason for this.


People didn't usually even tell me what they were eating. I just got there and dealt with it.

I don't eat things I don't like, but I would just leave them on the serving plate or give them to someone else.

Yeah--when we invite guests, we always ask about food allergies and any other dietary restrictions. But food dislikes are not an option. There are plenty of things I don't like to eat, but when you're a guest, you just don't take it on your plate (or if you're me, you slip it surreptitiously to your husband.)

You don't get to dictate meal policy.

Yeah. Allergies are one thing (and I asked and have been asked about that); preferences are another thing entirely and should not be the host's problem.