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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Just. Boggles.

Of course - it's a Golden *Bull*, not a Golden Calf. That's where we went wrong.

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*stares and shakes head* That's just... That defies words...

Yeah. Gasts one's flabber, it does.

Wow. That's...pretty amazingly stupid.

nlanza and I 'bout fell off the couch laughing when we saw that.

It's...it's in one of the fun sections, too. You'd think they'd know.

I think that just made my day!

Well... technically it's a bronze bull... and they aren't praying tooooo it. but yeah... Dude.

I'm now just waiting for the next step, when some different (yet equally crazy) group will then take any further market crash as proof for the divine punishment that will follow idol worship...

Well, of course.

That's the biggest load of bull...statue I have ever seen.

*shakes head*


*facepalms some more*

Yeah. It's disheartening.

Christians don't follow the same rules as Jews. You don't see them keep kosher do you? In the past, the argument has already been made that Christianity itself is Avodah Zurah.



PS: Does this remind anyone of the movie "Dogma"?

That was my first thought. Mooby!

Are we living in Clerks III?

Makes you wonder if they didn't skip over their Old Testament altogether, doesn't it? *g*


And it's in one of the fun parts, too.

And I love the icon.

Edited at 2008-10-30 08:05 pm (UTC)


These are the people who make me say, "You! Out of my religion now!"

And then I weep for the stupidity of it all.

There are stupid people in all religions.

This is just epicly stupid.

It seems the end of a chain of logic that goes something like "Most fanatic Christians are Republicans. Money and power are apparently the motivating deities of the modern Republican Party and its members. The Wall Street Bull is a major symbol of Big Money and financial success. Therefore, prayers centered on the Bull are reasonable for this crowd."

(Which reminds me, if I do retrieve the car tomorrow, perhaps I should arrange for a drive out to Lawn Guy Land tomorrow, past the Smithtown Bull to see what color the high school kids use this year. (The tradition is that its nether regions get painted for Halloween. I grew up within a couple of miles of it, so yeah, I know the trivia :-) )

Or - you know, I have no words.

But the bull in LI? That sounds like fun.


You saw that too, huh?

I had a post all ready to go about it, but then I thought I'd better not, lest I be taken to task for Christian-bashing.

As a friend of mine said about it: Somebody pry the rifle out of Charlton Heston's cold, dead fingers, so it'll be easier for him to roll in his grave...

See, I don't see it as Christian bashing. The vast majority of Christians, so far as I can tell, would react in exactly the same way.

I see it as stupid people bashing.

I had to take a moment. For a second, I thought they were in robes and kilts and this was a picture from The Ten Commandments.

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