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So. Pakua session number three. I have a uniform now. The sleeves of the jacket are so long that I have to turn them up two-three inches. The pants were so long that I had to cut off several inches before I hemmed them last night. But they fit otherwise.

Jonathan called me a "girl" last night because I'd hemmed the pants relatively neatly and, just by eyeing them, kept both legs about the same length. My mother trained me well.

Pants. It's still a strange concept.

We missed the running again,which I should mind more. :) Otoh, we came in time for the stretching and that helped. One day I'll do the splits... We being my friend J and I, J being the person who got me there in the first place.

I'm still clumsy and unbalanced, but I'm keeping up more and more. And I giggle when I punch or kick at someone else. And saying "kiya!" makes me giggle more.

However, I bought an exercise mat today. So I'll do more practicing at home. Or maybe even crunches and pushups. These would all be good things.

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