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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Oh, my Goodness

It happened. It's over.


I just got my birthday present, one hour early.

Oh, my goodness.



*bounces and squees with joy*

I got mine two weeks early!

(Happy Birthday, btw.)

And mine two days late! Oh, MamaDeb, you should hear my 'hood! Tehe! Fireworks, whistles! General around yelling. Alright some of that was mine!

Yeah, we're in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, which means most of our neighbors are Republican.

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER TO YOU! *hugs and more hugs*


And Happy Birthday!

happy birthday!

Very happy birthday to you!

Mazel Tov! Happy Birthday!

I am so happy!

And what a wonderful birthday present. Wow!

Happy birthday - and I mean HAPPY birthday!!! I hope the rest of your presents aren't an anticlimax after that!

(up at 6:15 GMT because doggie insisted, then clicked on to LJ and the first thing I saw was the header to someone's post saying "Obama Wins". Made up for getting up extra early)

Happy birthday! May your year continue as auspiciously as it started!

Happy birthday! :)

We got you something, I hope you like it.;)
Happy birthday, and many more to come!

Happy Birthday! I'll bet it's already a memorable one.