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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Hey, since Rahm Emanuel accepted the position of Chief of Staff, do you think the White House will finally put in that kosher kitchen? :)

(I can't find any article that says this definitely, only that the job's been offered.)


I'm sure that if it's being offered, Emanuel will take it, and that Obama and made the offer off the books some time ago.

And it's a very good first pick, I would add.

I agree with you on both counts.

If it does, I think you should ask to have dinner or at least a ladies' luncheon.

Hah. I did nothing for the campaign and I only started supporting him during the Democratic convention (his plan that integrates both energy independence and economic growth did it for me. Big time.)

It would be nice to have a kosher kitchen in the White House.

Yep. And if you'd been elected, I'm sure there would have been.

(One day, little Jewish kids might be able to feel that it's in their reach, too.)

Wow. I've just done a little research on Emanuel, and I think this would be a great choice.

I absolutely agree.

This leaves me wondering what the WH has done when receiving special guests (I'm think Israeli dignitaries, esp.) who won't eat trayfe, even in the halls of power. Hmmm.

They order take out (well get a kosher caterer) I would expect.

I'm actually now compelled to research this.

I'm also getting my West Wing fangirl on (courtesy your icon) and I'm wondering if Toby kept kosher? He went to shul regularly, we know this, but I'm trying to remember anything in the storyline which would indicate his feelings on that issue. Hmm.

Toby went to temple occasionally. His ex-wife was not Jewish, and he ate nonkosher food all the time - ("24 Hours in America", where he and Josh both ate cheeseburgers, and argued which one was less Jewish.) His son (by his ex-wife well after their divorce) had a bris. Neither he nor Josh decorated their offices for Christmas, which was a welcome break from the sea of tinsel the West Wing set became in December, but they probably wouldn't anyway, both being men.

I think I got the sense that Toby attended services as often as he could from the episode when his phone rang during the service and someone (Sam?) knew that the rabbi's sermon was about the death penalty, the episode in which they were working overtime to try to spare a man from dying and Toby noted that executions are not performed on Sundays in America because of the Christian sabbath.

I knew Andy wasn't Jewish, and I'm now remembering that she fed him apple pie that was made for her by a constituent. I don't remember the cheeseburgers in 24 Hours. I do recall the argument, riding in the kid's jeep, about which one was more Jewish, with Josh finding it very offensive that Toby (apparently) felt that his equally cafeteria/reform/not highly observant Judaism more authentic because it was from Brooklyn rather than Connecticut. I do also recall that baby Huckleberry (why Toby & Andy, why?!) had a bris.

The "sea of tinsel" I took as being another little weird WW element of reality injecting itself, as at one point I remembered the real WH budget for December decorations and it was a doozy. I couldn't believe how much money they spend for decorations of which only, perhaps, 10% are viewable by the public. It's on the scale of "every poor child in DC could eat for several days" kind of money. Really scary.