Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Writer:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

General notes: I enjoy slash of all ratings. I enjoy gen. I enjoy up to PG m/f and up to PG f/f. I like funny, angsty, plotty, not-so-plotty, mysteries, romances, first times, established relationships - I'm pretty easy. I even like AUs and odd crossovers. I prefer my characterization as close to canon as you can make it, but the feel of the story does not have to equal the feel of the source material (although it would be a plus if you could do it.)

I do not want body modifications of any kind, including piercings or tattoos, unless such modifications are already canon (example - in "A Circle of Magic", Briar has hand tattoos in canon.) No holiday fiction, please - any holidays at all. I would also prefer no BDSM, and try not to break up canonical couples.

Fandom notes:
Barney Miller. This takes place during the seventies in New York, so the time period is important. I think Ron Harris is slashable with a number of characters from the series or a crossover from the same time period, although Harris/Dietrich would be a plus.

Chuck: While you're free to choose any pairing (if you don't break up Ellie and Awesome), Chuck/Casey is preferred. You can do a spy plot, a Buy-More plot or both combined, or neither if you want to go a different direction from the show. I'd love to see Casey with a crush on Chuck, but that's not a necessity. Have fun.

Tamora Pierce "A Circle of Magic" - this could be a fun universe to explore, or to figure out other sorts of craft-mages to interact with our foursome, or members of that foursome, or you could delve into the history of any of their teachers if you prefer.

Jane Austen Mansfield Park - there are so many possibilities there. Any combination of the four gentlemen could be interesting. Just don't let Fanny find out. :)

The most important thing is to have fun in the writing. Thank you!

Tags: yuletide 2008

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