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Last week or so, my DVR cable box was misbehaving. What it was doing was "skipping" - pausing and then jumping forward. It happened for both live and recorded programs, but more for recorded ones. (This was very noticeable when we rewound live programs - it would skip in places where it hadn't skipped the first time.)

Jonathan thought it might be the box, but when we had a repairman come, he said the box was fine. Some of the connections needed repair and he replaced a three-way splitter with a two-way, and the picture became clearer. He said the problem was a server error, one they were working on.

I watched Supernatural this morning (recorded it last night during the NY broadcast, since we were at Jonathan's high school reunion) and did my normal pause and go back and such. It worked fine.

This afternoon, Jonathan noticed that he could NOT pause or rewind live programming. Tonight, I also noticed I could not play a recorded show (which was Friday's SGA. Damn.) We hard rebooted. When it came back, I tried to access the dvr recorded list, and I got a message - Storage Disk Malfunction. Called Cablevision again, and waited for a half-hour on hold. Everything we recorded before? Lost.

Bad hard drive. I have to take the box back to the walk-in center and get a new one. While I do that, I'll get a DVR for the other TV. Which means cabs there and back again, but better than waiting for someone. I'll just get my chicken soup up before I go.
Tags: cable, dvr

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