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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
My day today

Made chicken stock (5lbs of chicken carcass, 1/2 llb chopped onion, 1/4lb chopped carrot, 1/4lb chopped celery, bouquet garni of parsely stems, peppercorns and bay leaves).

Went shopping for dinner.

Took one (broken) dvr box and one standard cable box to cable company (by car service.) Returned with two unbroken dvr cable boxes (got ride from someone else on line.) Installed new dvr box in bedroom and programmed in programs to record.

Made bean soup (saute onions, carrots and celery with garlic, oregano and thyme until soft. Add vegetable broth (on hand), two cans of white beans and a large can of whole tomatoes (squished). Salt and pepper. Let simmer.

Strained stock into containers for the freezer. Final count? 7.5 quarts of stock. Neart two gallons. SWEET.

Used handblender on still-vegetarian bean soup. Left it a bit chunky. Added about a cup of chicken stock plus spinach leftover from last night.

Currently eating remaining cup of stock (after salting and reheating.) YUM.


sounds like a productive day! with soup, even. mmm, soup.

Yummy soup, too. :)

How did you find your cooking class? Was it through a local college or from a cooking school?

My daughter has been looking around but she really wants a basic (like you had) and perhaps knife use.

I found my cooking school from a local mailing list - it's unique - a fully accredited (attached to a community college) kosher cooking school upstairs from a kosher housewares store.

I'd suggest looking at local colleges.

Thanks, I'll let her know.


Kosher certified bacon flavored mayo. Granted, it's kosher dairy, so not particularly useful for things that one would normally make a bacony sandwich with, but it's something.

A scary something.