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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Heroes (Spoilers)

I was seriously about to stop watching - it was unrelentingly negative and awful and Mr. Petrelli was a nightmare and, well.

It's not so awful any more, and some of the charm is back.

And it seems that the Petrelli power is to take powers. Can be gentle, can be deadly, can be outright theft. I loved that Gabriel found his inner Peter (if you will.) And I want Peter to get his back, too.

Except - well. Next week.


I have a feeling that in the end Heroes is going to turn out like Earth:Final Conflict (which only lasted 1 season) or Andromeda (which lasted 2 1/2). It will have been a wonderful single season series though. I will have wished they made more of it.