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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

How pathetic is it that, having done an egosearch for mamadeb on Fanlore, I really want to do a page for myself?

Not because I think anyone would be interested - just so that I'm not known solely as the crazy Yuletide person.


You should totally have a page there!

Here: gimme a second and I'll start a page for you, and then you can go in and edit it. That way you don't have to feel even remotely lame for starting your own page. (Even though many people do, and I do not think that is lame at all! I am all about each of us telling her own story.)

Thank you! Would have done it tonight anyway. I just felt weird about it.

Done -- enjoy editing. :-)

I listed you as mamadeb because I wasn't sure whether you wanted your full name in the wiki, although I know you used to publish fic under your full name. Anyway, the page is totally bare-bones; it's just something to work from.

Thank you! You know, I had no idea what to say? I ended up going to someone else's page just for ideas.

So now it says a bit more. And it was fun.