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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Today, I discovered loldogs

see more puppies


Awww! Good Dog!

That's not all that unusual. My cousin Adam and his wife Liz have a Great Dane, aka small horse. Claire is a sweetie and thinks she's a lap dog.

When they got Claire before Liz was pregnant with their first son I think. Shortly after they brought little Adam home (first time she and the baby were home by themselves), a friend, who the dog knew, came to visit. Claire would not let him near the baby!


This was special because it's true.

You just made me go all mushy.

Reminds me of a story my mom used to tell - she and her best friend (my Aunt Linda) were pregnant at the same time, and her friend's baby was born three months before me. My aunt had a Briard named Tammy at the time and she would settle down in the baby's room. No one was getting in that room if Tammy didn't like them.

She was also a herding dog, so when the two of us were learning to walk, she would run circles around us to make sure we stayed where we should be--which of course led to us falling into each other a lot :)

I got chills when I saw that. And tears.

Because of Tammy and...it's all true.

I love LOL Dogs. and oh, that is just beautiful.

It is, isn't it?


Dogs are awesome.

They are. That's just what they are.

I want to own a house so I can get a dog. I miss having a dog.

That resonates all the more for me having just seen Bolt at the cinema yesterday. Thanks for sharing.